If an adapter is not set to receive large frames it will simply drop them. Therefore, this mode is to be used only if Gigabit Ethernet switches are installed on the network that have been configured to use the Spanning Tree protocol. Interrupt moderation should be used when the driver has to handle one or more interfaces with a high network load, which—as a consequence—leads also to a high CPU utilization. Auto , Master or Slave whereas Auto is the default. Usually, the role of a port is negotiated between two ports during link establishment, but if that fails the port B of an adapter card can be forced to a specific setting with this parameter. Possible values and their corresponding combination of per-port parameters:

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None No interrupt moderation is applied on the adapter card. Note that the drawback of using interrupt moderation is an increase of the round- trip-time RTTdue to the queuing and serving of interrupts at dedicated moderation times. It is not part of the 6. If such a moderation interval ends, all queued interrupts are processed in one big bunch without any delay.

This simplifies the configuration of both ports of an adapter card. I will try the modprobe thing just to be sure later when I get sk98linn to the PC.

That is, one or more interrupts which indicate any transmit or receive packet to be processed are queued until the driver processes them. If for instance eth0 needs an IP address and a large frame MTU size, the following two commands might be used: Assuming that static interrupt moderation is to be used, an IntsPerSec parameter value of will lead to an interrupt moderation interval of microseconds.


A description of the project, and information about reporting bugs, can be found at http: The preferred port setting is not used. Therefore, each transmit or receive interrupt is served immediately as soon as it appears on the interrupt line of the adapter card.

Marvell 88E8001 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

This causes the adapter sk98lim connect to the Ethernet and to display a status message on the console saying “ethx: This parameters states how RLMT sk98lln monitor both ports. If—at a later time—the CPU utilization decreases again or if the network load is negligible the interrupt moderation will automatically be disabled.

Interrupt moderation should be used when the driver has to handle one or more interfaces with a high network load, which—as a consequence—leads also to a high CPU utilization.

The default MTU size is and can be changed up to bytes. You can also have a look at dmesg to see if it loaded. Hi Lloyd, It will be 6.

In addition to the switches inside the network, all network adapters that are to be used must also be enabled regarding jumbo frames. RLMT is turned off.


When loading the driver using insmod, parameters for the network adapter cards might be stated as a marvsll of comma separated commands. Both ports can be used independently with distinct IP addresses. Does anyone know of a solution to the driver problem? CheckLinkState Check link state only: Just type dmesg at the prompt after typing the above at check out the last couple of lines. Moreover, they are not designed to work where adapters are connected back-to-back. Quite some switches support large frames, but need to be configured to do so.

Sk98lni queued interrupts are to be served, is determined by the IntsPerSec parameter, which is explained later below. HalfFull or Both whereas Both is the default. The virtual link is maintained as long as at least one “physical” link is up.

sk98lin(4) – Linux manual page

You can grab it here. I’ve put the module on my website for you.

On the other hand, selecting a very short moderation time might compensate the use of any moderation being applied. Those files are named eth[x] whereas x is the number of the interface that has been assigned to a dedicated port by the system.