This actually works surprisingly well though it’s better suited to some sound sources than others. The each piece of material was chosen for a particular attribute: Home stereo style connectors use standard xxx-guage speaker wire so you can place the speakers anywhere you choose. Creative Webcam Pro eX Review. These ambient effects are not artificially created, they are simply extracted from the original stereo input by combining the rear right output with an out-of-phase version of the rear left and vise versa. In September of Logitech announced its latest speaker range the “Z” series which comprised three models, the budget Z, mainstream Z and finally a product that they hoped would at last reserve them a place with the big boys, the Z

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According to Lucasfilm, they examine the sound performance, user interface and construction quality. The other notable physical design feature logitehc what Logitech calls Phase Plugs, which resemble somewhat the logitceh tweeters from s speaker designs. Those games that allowed for EAX effects made use of the rear channels and provided atmospheric music and although such games will make fuller use of surround sound in the future we see little evidence today of anything other than music being used in this way.

This loogitech may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. This actually works surprisingly well though it’s better suited to some sound sources than others. Watch it live here Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: THX certified cinemas were guaranteed to offer sound that did justice to that of the original soundtrack and the first two opened in just in time for Return of The Jedi.

Post a Comment Comment. Driver Details 1st speaker Speaker Type. If you’re sound source is already four channel then using M3D is pointless as it will ignore the two rear inputs completely. The Phase Plugs help dissipate this heat and maintain speaker efficiency over prolonged use. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.


EA prides itself on using Dolby Surround for its crowd noise, and in this four-channel setup, the crowd noise was engulfing. At this resonant frequency, bass output is boosted, while at the same time, the speaker driver moves very little, since the port is doing most of the sound emitting. The combination of hefty logtech, solid driver design and the clever porting technique employed in the sub-woofer cabinet that garnered the Zs their Tnx certification also put them in good stead to be your next speakers.

The room itself is pretty dead acoustically, which helps playback of recorded material by not introducing unintended reverb or echo.

Eager to logtech the THX certification we attached it to a variety of logihech cards, all of which allowed 4-speaker outputs using 2 3.

Logitech THX Z-560 Computer Subwoofer & 2 Satellite Speakers 400 Watt Amp Loud

At its best, M3D supplies what winds up sounding effectively like a digital delay in the rear channels, but when the effect works well, the rear channels deliver what sound like first-order reflections coming from the back of the performance room. Back in February Logitech acquired Labtec, another company not particularly famous for its high end audio solutions but one which none the less brought with it a wealth of new engineering talent that no doubt had its part to play in the product we’re reviewing today.

On musical material, the Zs for the most part sound superb. Power Device Power Source.

The Zs handle both well. DVD-Audio has renewed interest in presenting music in a multichannel mix, but most PC sound cards that output 4.


Logitech Z560 Speakers Review

Here is a quick rundown of the specs as published by the manufacturer: This will please Hi-fi enthusiasts as it means you can use whatever logiitech you like – quite useful considering the fact that the supplied cable is not very good quality we used strand for the tests which is much better and costs under 50p per meter. Speaker System Details Speaker Type. Audiophiles often assert that some speakers are great for music, but with others the opposite is true. Frequency response of subwoofer drops off below 40Hz.

Now, the dynamic duo of Logitech and Labtec has produced a new line of speakers that are looking to take on the big dogs, and the resulting speakers are impressive, and are less expensive than the competition.

Music by Joan E. Such users will probably want the most powerful system they can get their hands on and in this regard the Z does not disappoint with considerably more wattage than its nearest competitor. Both rooms have typical furniture, 506 and light fixtures, and are of typical size.

Logitech Z Speakers Review – ExtremeTech

Intel Lynnfield i Processor Review. Last year, Logitech acquired longtime PC speaker maker Labtec, legendary for making the most inexpensive speakers around.

Home stereo style connectors use standard xxx-guage speaker wire so you can place the speakers anywhere you choose. Lots of power W RMS total.

The lobby scene in the Matrix is another reference point that we use to evaluate surround sound systems and here things were a little more disappointing.