Pin photo diode sensor [board KP] detecting horizontal synchronization signal Frequency: It constitutes a smooth layer of toner in accordance with the revolution of the roller. Defective parallel cable Replace the parallel cable. Remove the heater lamp. Symbols The triangle A symbol indicates a warning including danger and caution. If Auto Continue is set to On, printing will be automatically resumed after a preset period of time.

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This roller is used to strongly press the paper towards the heat roller A by means of coil springs. We always provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction which is vital to our business model – we kycera always more than happy to help you with any queries you may have and we can provide professional advice and information.

Try kyoera more memory expansion DIMM. If necessary, protect it with a cable cover or other appropriate item ‘ Treat the ends of the wire carefully when installing a new charger wire to avoid electric leaks.

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FS 4 Black dots Note the spacing of the defects. The message Print Cancel? Measurement is possible only by using the jig and tool specifically designed for this purpose.


Hermesstraat 8A, Zaventem, Belgium Phone: SG Pin 7 All signals can transmit fs-290 the printer and the host computer to send each signals with a signal ground. If necessary, apply a small amount of electro-conductive grease onto the tab.

FS as tested with the enhancement optional unit: Lenses 5 and diversion mirror e are housed in the laser scanner kyocrra b. Current flows through Q and R, then the eraser lamp, activating the lamp. For details refer to the printer’s User’s Manual.

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For instance, the heater lamp happens not to switch off, the voltage the thermistor gives at pin 6 will become unusually high, and as soon as it exceeds the voltage at pin 5, pin 7 of the comparator U output changes to L level.

Remove the press roller?

The paper feeding system finally delivers the printed page to either the face-down or face-up output tray as manipulated by the user. Improper installation between printer and option paper feeder.

Refer to Repetitive defects gauge. Top Quality products with exceptional customer service. Replace main board KP- Current also routes through R and R as bled by R25 1.


Because of sunlight and humidity.

EcoPrint mode is factory- set to off and turned on by kyocers the menu system of the printer operator panel. Try turning the power off and on again. Off Operations are normal.

When if measuring signal, contact measurement probe with pins of YC connector accurately. If you want to print from an alternative paper source, press the a or V key to display Use kyocsra LCD controller board KP The heater lamp is directly fed with AC primary power – V or V which is supplied from the power supply unit.


Put the developer T on the developer install position 4 of packing carton. Ready e Print a page to check the print density.

Most of these service information on the status page are alphanumerically-coded. Defective harness between engine board and engine relay board KP See kyocrra 2 to 4, on page