In the preferred embodiment, the billing shipping page includes all profile information “pre-populated” into the appropriate fields of the page. A further advantage of the present invention is that a single marketing distribution system can distribute the products of several different sellers, all distributed through a single independent sales network but with different levels and structures of compensation for different product lines. There is preferably a link to the “Store for More” from the primary navigational menu. In one embodiment, a disturbance may be considered to adversely affect signal integrity in the communication systems when the duration threshold alone is exceeded. A Member Plus is a person that is interested in purchasing products from the marketing company at Independent Business Owner prices as well as becoming an E-Commerce Independent Business Owner.

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This price is usually less than the retail price paid by Clients. Marketing system products and services can include, kodem example, all products and services available for purchase through the marketing system of the present invention.

Reference will now be made to the accompanying drawings, which are not necessarily drawn to scale, and wherein:. Active Server Pages generally use an “. In an embodiment, the dielectric core and dielectric foam can be coaxially aligned to each other although not necessary.

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In another embodiment not shownlaunchers or other coupling devices can be configured to induce guided electromagnetic waves in the cables having aynpoint fields that extend beyond the jacket into gaps between the cables to reduce cross-talk between the cables Further, a Client is preferably exposed to specials and other deals to entice them to become Members of the marketing system.

The link to this function is preferably not shown to users who are not LBOs. In another aspect, the present invention relates to a method of marketing and selling dsk through a marketing system.


DSL modems may provide symmetrical or asymmetrical operation.

Members 30, however, who refer other Members 30 will preferably receive referral incentives. In a non-limiting illustration, consider electrical systems that transmit and receive electrical signals between sending and receiving devices by way of conductive media.

Products from both the web stores and the “Store for More” store are then processed and fulfilled via one order.

An LNA can be used to amplify, kntel or isolate signals that are received by the communication interface and then send the signal to a multiplexer which merges the signal with signals that have been received from waveguide coupling device As a Platinum LBO, there may be additional methods by which income may be earned based upon certain qualification levels and standards.

An animated GLF can loop endlessly or it can present one itel a few sequences and then stop the animation. Each LBO 10 is entitled to charge any markup he or she chooses for products he or she resells at retail prices.

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For example, business logic residing in business layer 54 that validates an order on the E-Commerce web site could also be used to validate orders that are placed by non-web based systems. However, one’s participation level i.

These exemplary products include the following: From the main product page, users can click to other main product nodem for products in the same category.

In an embodiment, stub coupler can be wholly constructed of a dielectric material or another suitable insulating materialwithout any metallic or otherwise conducting materials therein. In particular, a cross section diagramsimilar to FIG.

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As used herein, “Member Perks” and “Member Benefits” or “Member Services” may be used interchangeably and should be construed by one having ordinary skill in the art as analogous terms. In addition, most homes and businesses have grown to rely on broadband data access for services such as voice, video and Internet browsing, etc.


A preferred product list 90 includes, for dso, but is not limited to, a product name 90a and price 90b, and PV 90c and BV 90d for each product. Various products and services which are available to LBO’s 10, but not to Members 30, may also be available to Members Plus In operation, a transmission device receives one or more communication signals from a communication network or other communications device that includes data and generates guided waves to convey the data via the transmission medium to the transmission device Exemplary preceding pages could include but is not limited to, for example, a product image and detail page or the product list page of Fig.

Thus, the registered customer immediately enjoys the privileges and benefits of the Member 2204 described herein. Exemplary plans could include, but are not limited to, the Sales and Marketing Plan, or any other marketing company plan information.

The notification can include a description of how the disturbance was mitigated and any changes to the power lines that may change a topology of the communication system Vibration profiles can be used, for example, to distinguish fallen trees from wind gusts based on, for example, the vibration profile that provides the closest match to the measured vibrations.

Signal reflections can be caused by obstructions on the power line If in step 60, the user has an authentication cookie, then in step 64 it is determined if the cookie identifies the user as a surfer, or anonymous user.

An exemplary embodiment of the present invention is shown generally in Fig.