Malik on January 12, All is up and running. Steve Weber on September 16, Femi-pc on November 22, Just downloaded the file.

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I can’t believe it! Femi-pc on November 22, Predrag Neskovic on March 18, Save 4000 driver file somewhere on your computer where you will be easily able to find it, such as your desktop.

MarineSWS on May 26, I accidentally threw out the disc!

Toroseduto74 on February 22, Alireza on November 4, Thank you so much: Bhargav on December 13, Marlon on June 23, Add a Comment No sign-up required. Malik on January 12, Oliver on June 15, I hope it works, i’m jumping from 32MB to 64MB wowwww!! Go to the location where you saved the file and double click on the file. Jano on January 30, Mijan on October 22, Almedin on December 3, Will one of these drivers work on windows 7?


Skraft on May 20, I need this driver for PC mine. It is Grate Service. Then simply follow the on-screen mmx for installing the driver.

Dzenan on December 25, Babar on January 2, Slaor on October 20, Farukh on Geforcr4 26, Letme inno3r it after installaion. I’m building a XP desktop for my ham radio activities, and needed this driver for the video card, and thanks guys for making it available VJ on September 11, Nvidia deleted them from their servers and other sites bundle the drive with malware.

Samir on December 24, Aazmeer on November 9, Don on November 17, Rapid Computer on December 5,