In the browser, navigate to the download site: Unexpected programming exception has been found: Type 4 Driver Property DescriptionsThe properties are listed in alphabetic order with their descriptions. T4LobAdmin [ ] [ ] is: String getUserName throws java. Page 79 Invalid descriptor indexCauseA ResultSetMetadata column parameter or a ParameterMetaData paramparameter is outside of the descriptor range. T4DSPropertiesReturns the total number of statements that can be cached.

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Page 57 getDriverVersionpublic java. Valid license from HP required for possession, use or copying.

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Pr ogr amme r’s R ef er ence. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. IOExceptionwritepublic void write java. Returns the value of the reserve data locator length. Page 84 CauseA value retrieved from the ResultSet getter method is outside the range for thedata type. Page 64 Specified by: Page 84 getMaterializedViewInfopublic java. String getDescription Returns the description associated with the current Type 4 connection. ResultSet getTypeInfo throws java. An unsupported exception is thrown, and null resultSet is returned.


See the subsequent exception for moreinformation.

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Unless otherwise noted in the description, the particular property applies to the DataSourceobject, DriverManager object, and Jebc object. Page 5 url Property Consistent with FAR The following code illustrates how to obtain the handle to an empty BLOB column: HP Neo vi ew R elease 2. RecoveryEnsure that all required column values are specified, and retry the operation.

Page 67 The following interfaces in the javax. The column is not updated. String getSchemaTerm throws java. If the specifiedvalue is greater than maxPoolSize, the maxPoolSize property value is used. PrintWriterobject associated with current connection. You can use the java.

Page 98 EffectThe operation fails. Clob searchstr, long start Retrieves the character jrbc at which the specified Clob object searchstr appearsin this Clob object. Page setFetchDirection int – Method in class com.

Tell us what’s missing. The information contained herein is subject jbdc change without notice. NDCS server-side data source name. SQLExceptionSets the current service name for this connection object. IOExceptionmarkSupportedpublic boolean markSupported readpublic int read throws java.


Page The maximum number of physical connections that the pool free and in-use should contain. The properties file is passed as acommand-line parameter.