How do I remove errors in Selenium webdriver? First way is to click on link and get the title and verify which is not efficient because it is time consuming as well. They may be down or not functioning due to some server error An URL will always have a status with 2xx which is valid. In above code, I am first getting list of URLs from the first page. By continuing to visit this website you agree to our use of cookies.

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Collect all links in web page Identify all links in a webpage and store them in List. Hi Anshul, Yes, you need to add htmlUnit driver separately to your project.

How To Find Broken Links Using Selenium WebDriver – UVdesk Helpdesk

It will have an H on it. You dismissed this ad. Or you can just hit a Get request to each url in back ground and check if response code is correct. There is no reason to find all elements a second time taking the approach you have. Actually what do you want to know?


How to Find All/Broken links using Selenium Webdriver

It seems you’re sticking with the boolean approach, as I said before this has it’s limitations but should work ok for demonstartion purposes. Hi Mukesh, Can you please make detail video of Web Services testing Soupui and other related concepts?

Hi Daniel, For the sake of simplicity, I made it as public otherwise when you use it into framework then you can implement proper access specifier for any method. Skip the remaining steps if it belongs to third party domain.

In such case, driver.

How to Find Broken Links Using Selenium Webdriver & Find Broken Image

Now you have a list of all links, so you can navigate to each link and find out if page is loading properly or not. I know you can check broken links using Chrome’s free checkmylinks toolbar app. Ticket Formation Tl responsibility to resolve your query using robust ticket system. Marketplace Integration Integrate marketplaces like Amazone, eBay etc to provide instant customer support. What are broken links in web testing? Mayur Shah 2 8.

Hope this tutorial helps you in checking Broken links using selenium. Mukesh Otwani September 14, at Hi Mukesh, how can I verify a text is highlighted or not using Selenium Webdriver.


Sighil 2, 1 12 Webdriveer up using Facebook.

Cross Browser Testing using Selenium Webdriver. Is there any problem in your code? Thank you for your feedback! Accessing image links are done using By.

Girija December 13, at 7: Find broken links using selenium webdriver and verify the status. I have modified getResponseCode to return boolean values based on whether the url is valid true or invalid false. How should I use Selenium Remote Webdriver? Answered Mar 4, Create a list of type WebElement to store all liks Link elements in to it.

Hope this helps you. Through exception if any error occured. They may be down or not functioning due to some server error An URL will always have a status with 2xx which is valid.