Clear, high-contrast display makes it easy to read on a bike. WAAS-enabled, differential-ready, 12 parallel channel GPS receiver continuously tracks and uses up to 12 satellites to compute and update your position. What are they and What do you get? However as neither Geko models support the display of maps it is not an issue. Tracks and routes are managed here. Geko Smak Move toward the Geko symbol on the screen until you’re directly above it.

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This is not very useful for OSM datalogging, but very varmin for navigation and Geocaching. You can change the icon associated with the waypoint and also edit the name by scrolling the highlight and pressing the enter button. The map display has two levels of menu pressing the OK button accesses these features.

Gar,in is not a big problem for users but caused me a lot of trouble trying to capture displays for you to see.

This is partially compensated for by decent screen contrast, but this might be an issue for users with poor eyesight. The Geko is easy to use, small, and inexpensive. These games are played in real time and require a large ish open area as the movement is controlled by you walking or running to keep up with the action. I thought that the eTrex was small, but these are even smaller, about the size of your palm.

Garmin/Geko series – OpenStreetMap Wiki

This is the eTrex display, the Geko display is similar. Time format Display contrast Units Interface System settings. The Geko specifications above state that the receiver is differential-ready.


I marked and gwrmin waypoints at significant locations and doing so was easy.

Garmin Geko GPS Receivers Review

A Gekowith a magnetic compass and a pressure altimeter. Nibbons Your mission is to gather numbers as they appear on the screen. The weight felt about right to, about the same as a Nokia phone.

I recommend UniRoss mah NiMh cells, they seem to have a slightly higher terminal voltage than others. Retrieved from ” http: This is activated by selecting a track, pressing the enter button and then selecting navigate and either start or end of the track. Display font used for longitude and latitude waypoint coordinates is very small. This allows you to navigate to the waypoint, using GOTO; display the waypoint on the Map Page, delete the waypoint, or create a new waypoint a specific distance and bearing from the current position.

It’s better to use a pen and paper and make a list of waypoint number generated automatically by the geko and what it represents, or use Audio mapping Keys are too small to use it with gloves Battery life significantly worse than equivalent eTrex, and ‘remaining battery’ indicator rather erratic.

Geko Menu Page The menu page is where you control the features of the Geko receiver.

Would a maping GPS be nice? This wipes everything, including waypoints, owner information etc. Otherwise, you can manually choose the scale with the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons.


Phil’s Hiking Resources

Geko is great value. If you’re moving toward a specific destination, it shows the name of the location, the distance and time to go, and displays a direction arrow in the compass ring.

The placement of the five buttons on the face of the unit are easy to access. It garmih not have the ability to upload or display maps.

Garmin/Geko series

This is where the interface cable is plugged in. How did we achieve these ratings? All necessary information is on five main display screens called ‘pages. This resulted in exhausted batteries, with no spares.

Supports recording track points based on distance. Waypoints Travelled path Track Current scale. The cable set used connecting the Geko to the Pocket PC was provided by PC-Mobile and comes in a number of modular cables which can be set into a number of configurations so you can by a new adapter for another Pocket PC without having to by a complete lead set.

The map can be oriented Northward so that the top of the map is always north, regardless of your gek of travel or ‘Ahead,’ which means the map will rotate so that the destination is always in front of the person gaarmin that represents the user.