The decimal format license is typed incorrectly. The vendor daemon checks the hostid listed on the SERVER line in the license file; if it does not match the hostid of the machine it is running on, this message will be printed. If the hostid of your server machine changes, you will have to get a new license file from your software vendor. License server out of network connections. To monetize and protect software against overuse and piracy, software suppliers and IoT companies need a flexible and robust licensing technology. What kind of machine is your license server running on? The desired vendor daemon is down.

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What machine and operating system is the application running on? If your application is FLEXlm v4.

FLEXlm End User Manual

User, host and display are as shown by lmstat -a. This feature is available in a different license pool. Instructions on how to solve the problem. Duplicate selection mismatch for this feature. A discussion of what causes the problem described in the ‘Symptom’ section.

What error or warning messages appear in the log file? License server out of network connections. License server temporarily busy new server connecting. The server must be restarted for options file mssing to take effect. Verify that specified server machine is up and reachable by executing another command that uses TCP, such as telnet, from the client to the server.


cant find dongle hostid using lmtools or lmutil | Mentor Graphics Communities

Either the hardware dongle is unattached, or the necessary miesing driver for this dongle type dognle not installed. On Windows, if the application is v5. Are you using a combined license file or separate license files? If the vendor daemon is properly linked, it will tell you that it must be run from lmgrd; if it crashes or fails to execute, then it is not properly linked.

This usually happens when a license file has been altered.

Use IP address e. Note that if you are running as root and using an NFS-mounted filesystem, the relevant protection bits are the ‘other’ bits not the ‘user’ bitseven if the file is owned by root. The missinng of this system does not match the hostid specified in the license file.

License server out of network connections. This I cancel as I have no reason for wanting to dial-up but having done that EDE reports the following error message: Datasheet Protect Your Apps and Devices.


FLEXlm End User Manual

This leading audio electronics company implemented Software Monetization solutions from Flexera Software to dohgle use insights from their customer base and deliver software updates effor…. Contact the vendor for further details.

The missiing was issued for a later version of FLEX lm than this program understands. FlexNet Publisher is the de facto standard for software licensing, used by thousands of software suppliers to license and protect their applications. Support for returning a borrowed license early is not enabled. What kind of machine is your license server running on? Request for more licenses than this feature supports. The following table lists the most common errors produced by FLEXlm-licensed products.

Support for returning a missiing license early is not enabled. In order to read the dongle hostid, the correct driver must be installed. This is probably because the license is older than the application. Clock setting check not available in daemon.