Twitter – Follow me www. I have a Zanussi WDT washing machine and its now 19 years old! Here are details on how to connect, install and get it running on Windows 7 with Microsoft Autoroute Newer Post Older Post Home. How to make a Drop Pin show on iPhone Maps via a w

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Posted by Andy Savage at But I can not make my Autoroute work on Win7. I maintain a list of all the current webcams I have found that feature content from within the city of Derby and the County of Derbyshire a There are mince pies and then there are Costco mince pies.

You need to be able to see 3 sats before it can locate your position. Version X3 does not work, time to upgrade. Serial port virtual com port via USB driver.

GM-R – this GPS has been designed specificaly for laptops and PC’s, its both compact and has outstanding performance for accuracy and sensitivity. Frequency CA code Channels. One point worth noting is that make sure you fully boot Windows7 before you connect the GPS to the laptop ecermore Windows will misidentify the GPS as a Mouse and install a mouse driver for it causing the mouse pointer to fly around the screen out of control!


Last week for the first time in 19 years, Ants had decided that it was a good time to come into my kitchen in their hundreds!

EverMore GM-R700 Manuals

Popular Posts on my blog in last 7 days How to swap Left and Right audio channels on your PC if they are swapped with each other. Something of interest to everyone hopefully. Install this driver gm-f700 and then you evermote get this message above the status bar:. Specification may alter without notice, and presume best conditions for reception etc.

A technology that delivers improved satellite acquisition giving faster initial position and a built in high-sensitivity antenna for the best reception and tracking.

GPS GM-R Low-cost high performance GPS set with a USB connection

This is a place where I will be posting all sorts of things not just things relating to Derby and Derbyshire. Dovedale Stepping Stones, health and safety gone m If you have discovered the recipe for how to make this type of mince pie then pl Thank you for your effort to help us.

Corel Paint Shop Pro on Windows wvermore I have a Zanussi WDT washing machine and its now 19 years old! Reviews of software technology and random stuff. And not just for Evermorr


After a while the number of Sats should increase. Andy Savage 20 January at Follow my blog by Email. I am a trustee member of “Friends of Friar Gate bridge”, aiming to get this bridge restored. Seeing as Microsoft Windows 10 has been offered free to everyone it made sense to install it.

The famous Derby man that walks backwards writing down car number plates. The GM-R maybe small, but it contains a high performance 20 channel GPS receiver that will work through glass, Perspex or plastic enabling it to be placed inside the cabin close to a window or hatch. Operating temperature Storage temperature Operating humidity.

Evermore GM-R Manuals

This blogpost may be of use to some people. How old is YOUR washing machine? My video ” Speaker Test Derby and Derbyshire webcams updated.