Select Layout from the drop-down list. For Mac OS X Customizing print settings Your printer provides for customized print settings if you need more control over the printout, want to make the most detailed settings available, or just want to experiment. Key Features High Speed – 25ppm High-speed throughput rate of up to 25pages per minute. Select whether the front or back side of the paper is to be printed as the Start Page. When you select this check box, the printer continues to print ignoring the page size errors and memory shortage. Modifying the print layout You can print either two or four pages onto a single page and to specify the printing order, automatically resizing each page to fit the specified paper size by using Layout printing.

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Your settings will be saved with this name in the Preset drop-down list. Select Layout from the drop-down list. Color and resolution are the only settings you need to make. Type a name for your custom settings in the name box. Click OK to apply the settings and return to the Basic Settings dialog box. Click this button to exit the dialog box or printer driver without saving the advajced. Select this aevanced box when printing on both sides of the paper using the duplex printing function.


Select this button to use the settings specified on the control panel. Thank you for signing up! The place to find device driver updates.

Select this check box to avoid Print Overrun errors when printing pronter which requires a lot of memory to print, such as documents with a large number of complex fonts or graphics. Choose Color or Black as the Color setting.

Eson the most appropriate setting from the list according to the type of document or image you want to print. For details on each setting, see the online help. With the printer driver, you can make the print settings by choosing from a list of predefined settings, or customizing the settings.

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Makes fine adjustments to the printing position on the front and the back of data on a page in 0. You are providing your consent to Epson Australia Pty Ltd.

Click Automaticthen choose the resolution from the Resolution drop-down list. Business photo quality for demanding environments Business photo quality printing featuring Epson’s Wrap Transfer engine and unique controller. You can change other settings such as paper size or orientation in most applications. When you choose a predefined setting, other settings such as Printing Mode, Resolution, Screen, and Color Avvanced are set automatically.

When you select this check box, the printer prints on the loaded paper, regardless of size. Making Changes to Printer Settings Making the print quality settings Modifying the print layout Duplex printing Making Extended Settings Making the print quality settings You can change the print quality of printouts through allc1100 in the printer driver.


If curled paper is loaded, it may not be fed correctly.

Driver Updates

Doing duplex printing manually Open the Print dialog box. Select the number of pages you want to print on one sheet of paper from the drop-down list.

Select Printer Settings from the drop-down list, and select the Basic settings tab. The printer driver’s online help provides details on printer driver settings. When you select this check box, the product skips blank pages.

You can save only one set of custom settings. Please try again later. Sophisticated Paper Handling Fpson for highly flexible paper handling. For Mac OS X Welcome to Epson and keep an eye out for our latest updates and exclusive offers. ColorSync Automatically adjusts printout colors to match colors on your screen. Doing so may slow down printing somewhat.