To use the hexadecimal dump function, follow these steps: Be careful of sharp edge of the printer cover. Make sure that you use the attached Power supply or equivalent. Low noise thermal printing. When the light blinks, it indicates the self-test printing standby state or macro execution standby state when the macro execution command is used.

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SAM4S ELLIX-10 Thermal POS Printer Series

Push the knob Near-End sensor up to scale 4 or 5. We shall continue to accept fllix during the holiday season although our warehouses will remain closed between 20th December to 7th January for dispatch.

Please call us in advance to arrange a pickup. Extended exposure to direct light may cause discoloration or faded printing. They all connect to the connector panel on the back of the printer, which is shown as below: Connecting the Power Supply Use the optional Power supply for your printer.

You can also hold down the FEED button to ellkx paper continuously. If the problem is not serious, the auto cutter returns to its normal position elljx any intervention by the user.

Attach the other end of the cable to the computer. This is the appropriate scale for the recommended paper thickness. Therefore, printing speed may slow down, the print pitch may not be correct, and some dots in some character may not be printed.



Pull out a small amount of paper, as shown. Be sure to allow the printer head to cool down after printing before cleaning it. Remove the used paper roll core if there is one. If this point of sale item is available in stock, it will be dispatched within 48 hours from one of our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Elilx.

Then plug in the external power supply and turn it on if necessary. Using an incorrect power supply may cause fire or electrical eklix.

Printer Head Cleaning Paper dust on the heating elements may lower the printing quality. If the power supply voltage drops to the outside of the range above during printing, the printer stops printing and waits until the voltage returns to normal and then automatically begins printing again.

Run any software program that sends data to the printer. The self-test checks are as follows; 1. Refer to Table A.

Nippon Paper industries Co. Close the Cover Wire. When you turn on the hexadecimal dump function, the printer prints all commands and data in hexadecimal format along with a guide section to help you find specific commands.


Ellix | Central Cash Register

The main features of the printer are as follows: The printer will print all the codes it receives in a two-column format. Direct pickups eloix not available from our warehouses or offices. However, this does not affect the printer performance. Do not use paper rolls that have the paper glued to the core because the printer cannot detect the paper end correctly.


Plug the AC Adapter power cord into the wall outlet. Setting Up the Printer This equipment generates uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy andif not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. The socket-outlet shall be near the equipment and it shall be easily accessible.

The Near-End elilx is set to 3 positions at the factory.