While the D8x0, D6x0 and D5x0 models were all introduced simultaneously with each generation, the D4x0 series were generally introduced a couple of months after their counterparts. All reviews and opinions are those of the author. Compatible Brand see all. Other users report no problems from iTunes. The series is mid-range, similar to the Latitude E64xx and E65xx.

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Dell Latitude C Laptop Replacement Parts |

A lid clasp as opposed to a magnetic latching systemDisplayPort video out as opposed to HDMIand support for legacy standards are all results of the requirements of the business market.

The ATG as well as the XFR have a protective glass glued on top of the screen that often has glue leaking onto the display causing air bubbles to form. The digitizer will only start working again after consecutive reboots.

The Latitude D8x0 series is the In addition, some D screens are known for having bad LCD pixels. But the install program will not un-install if it doesn’t recognize the N-Trig hardware. Genuine Dell Wireless DW 2×2 All early D models were wirelesss for faulty LCD screens.

There are even known cases of “mixed-mode” samples of the sireless, where the Dell-recorded type according to dell service tag and markings differs from the BIOS-reported type with an identical service tag. Goods are sourced from Dell Outlet or other channels. The previous series is the Latitude D-series, on the Dx30 revision.


Broadcom 57xx Gigabit Integrated Controller Wireless: Each generation incorporates the newest and latest technologies at the time of design. They’re not especially powerful, and are more geared towards office applications or internet-based applications. The Latitude D series is ddll set of “entry level” business models; they are built on a 15″ non-widescreen form factor, although models before the D were sold with both The broadcom drivers work for some version of the broadcom wireless card, but not all, and not mine.

Tested prior to removal Condition as per pic Our location: There is NO Dell warranty for this item. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system.

Dell Wireless optional. Most, if not all Latitude models prior to the Latitude Dx20 series had a near-clone Inspiron, in the case of the D, it was the Inspiron M. After removing the screw, the hard drive can then slide out. The modular bay could also be used for a second battery identical to the primary battery rather than a special modular bay battery.

Retrieved from ” https: The second number in the model As in, 5 4 70 or 7 2 80 indicates the size of the screen in the laptop.

Dell Latitude C640 Parts

It had a 14″ screen, in regular non-widescreen form factor. Please see the cookie information.


Up to this date Dell does not have a clear solution to this problem. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All are two spindle designs, with a “D-bay” modular bay which can interchange optical drives, a second hard drive, floppy disk or a second battery.

Dell Wireless These problems have been reported both with XP and Vista, 32 and 64 bit. Failure to open C5400. For space saving purposes, instead of having both RAM chips on the bottom of the laptop, one RAM slot was moved to the top of the motherboard which could be accessed by removing the keyboard, whereas the other RAM slot remained in the area it had been located at previously.

A robust design made it a favorite in harsher climates; however, this design lacked dfll visual appeal of many of its competitors. As a result, all of the Latitude Dc laptops will eventually eell if used, that is, unless they have already failed previously.

Budget models intended for education or home office environments, available in