So, what exactly is the issue? It the box is blank, there may have been a release but Nikon has since removed the download link. Originally Posted by whitunc. The corresponding entry will be named “Firewire Scanner” or something like that. Sign in Already have an account? Best cameras and lenses

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Nikon Coolscan in 64 bit Windows 7 Success

My primary computer has a Vista 64 bit operating system, soon to be replaced by one with Windows 7 64 bit. Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies. Let me know what you can so that I can fix this problem and get coolecan scanner up and running on my computer.

Whether you’ve grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order. cookscan

Nikon Coolscan and Windows 7 – Film Forum – Leica Forum

I use several programs that won’t run on Windows 7. Of course that doesn’t mean we’ll not answer questions or are not interested in any problems you might encounter. You see where I’m going here.

Vuescan is the answer. For those of us who scan our film, does anyone have a preference between these two products or any other one? The scanner was idle for 4 years.


Getting Nikon Coolscan scanners work under Windows 7 (including x64)

You can use both and find what you like as they do give different results. Connecting the scanner via an old generic USB hub, it works perfectly! They all take Ultra 50 pin. By boilerdocSeptember 7, in Film Forum. I haven’t had the need to run my SF slide feeder so far since the switch, so I don’t know how the combo works with VueScan, although the literature indicates that VueScan supports batch scanning; as always though, you need to see it working in practice before you believe it.

This installs a complete version of XP that runs as a virtual PC so doesn’t see Win7 on the system at all.

I opened it up to clean it and the images look great. It has worked great with all I’ve tried on it. The problem is not always with software compatibility.

P above the Pyrenean clouds. SO even if you install the xp drivers in a “virtual pc” – a program running withing the win 7 desktop– there si no assurance that you will see sucess. Started Jul 27, Discussions thread. I got a motherboard with the PCI slot hoping that I could still use this old scanner.

I get the theory of the driver fix but the system just says no. I first started using the scanner in so as far as I am concerned any scan I get from it is a bonus.! I have posted this a few times, and there will be more then a few that agree. Nikon Coolpix P sample gallery Sep 22, Nikon Coolscan in 64 bit Windows 7 Success.


Press it to reboot to the “Startup Settings” screen and colscan it press either 7 or F7 on your keyboard to boot Windows 8 with its driver signature enforcement disabled. To get started download Nikon Scan 4. I am now wanting to sell the scanner which I have been using with XP for many years, when I ran the Nikon A few other threads I have bookmarked: Hello everyone, I am doing a project to scan a couple hundred slides for my grandparents.

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a workflow-boosting machine. Nevertheless, with the inevitable passage of time, I’ll probably need to upgrade my computer fairly soon and – most probably – will be running Windows 8 going forward. I can’t confirm that since I don’t have a suitable system running anymore to test it.