Removing The System Fan Devices Pnp Configuration Procedure 2 Replace System Board Procedure 1 Audio Source Test Ec Name Space Configuration Over Current Protection The standard battery does not protrude the chassis.

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Nevertheless, this is a standard value for notebooks of notebooks of similar size.

Exit Discarding Changes However, it also limits the maximum opening angle to degrees. Procedure 1 Touch Pad Connection Check Absolute Maximum Rating Removing The System Fan Over Current Protection Touch Pad Troubleshooting Electro-static Discharge esd Software Specification For Ec-fw Storage Devices And Batteries Frankly, the speakers are still underperforming, just as in older Compal barebones.

One of the outstanding features is the In compxl mode the reviewed model proved to be really quiet. Temperature It is a well-known fact, that the former best-selling Compal barebone, the JHL90, heats considerably, mainly because of its GPU in 65nm technology.


On maximum volume the distortions reach an unpleasant level. The LED indicators on the left hand compa of the front edge are hardly legible. It is 84 millimeters broad and 46 millimeters long.

Review: Compal KHLB2 Notebook

Therewith it is bigger than in former Compal barebones and its format was fitted to the dimensions of the screen. Power State Transition Diagram Especially its notebook panels are usually of good quality. Procedure 1 Crt Connection Check Procedure 2 Diagnostic Check Removing The Cpu The screen was supplied by LG Display.

Nevertheless, such a 9-cell battery could be available at the time the final version of this notebook is launched. Procedure 2 Earphone Test The old style battery prevents opening the lid to a usable angle.

The more efficient lithography leads to lower heat emissions and at the same time to less stress for the cooling system. Embedded Controller Chipset We detected some uneven gaps, which even intensified the moderate impression we had of the not really outstanding materials.


Compal JHT01 Compatible Laptop Power DC Adapter Car Charger | eBay

Procedure 1 Telephone Line Connection Check Device Power Management Ec Name Space Configuration We have a good opinion about this LCD panel supplier. The glossy lid seems to be a common feature of Compal barebones.

Removing The Hdd Module