If you already have c0dx created, you should be able to see it in the output of command “fdisk -l”. Comment 65 Linqing Lu Comment 42 Oliver Hookins Comment 28 Ronald Pacheco Comment 16 Tomas Henzl Support for new Smart Array controllers was added and added the ability to report status of non-volatile cache.

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Comment 57 Oliver Hookins I see that it’s at: See the patch in bz https: I put them up but forgot to post a link in the bugzilla.

Comment 69 Ben Marzinski Updates for kdump support Changes since 3. Comment 63 Martin George Comment 79 errata-xmlrpc A new Smart Array driver called “hpsa” ccuss been accepted into the main line linux kernel as of Devics 18,in linux Please let me know if this is enough or if we really need some additional fields.

You can get them at http: See these search results from hp. These won’t work with very old kernels such as the 2.


cciss(4) – Linux man page

Fixed issue where ACU would hang after several operations. Without this fix the system will panic on reboot when ddevice HP cciss rpm has been uninstalled.

Some models of Smart Array are not able to honor this parameter. It can no longer find the rhel5 base media cciss driver following an uninstalled of an HP cciss rpm.

cciss(4): HP Smart Array block driver – Linux man page

You can use these if you have a supported distribution running a supported kernel. Debian package is greatly simplified.

OS distros with warnings. The cciss driver previously contained a feature which would enable it by default to run on Smart Array controllers which it did not explicitly recognize except so far as to be able to determine that they were some sort of Smart Array.

This binary RPM may then be installed in the usual way, for instance: It reports any status changes, like failing disks, devixe the syslog and optionally to a remote host using SNMP traps. Patches adding them were posted twice to LKML back in Comment 66 Barry Donahue No such file or directory’.


Comment 38 Oliver Hookins Hpsa should be fine for new installs on these controllers, however. Arrayprobe which may need modifications to work with the hpsa driver.

HP Smart Array CCISS driver

Comment 35 Tomas Henzl Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. To install, download Debian cciss source package.

Comment 21 Tomas Henzl Thanks, Tomas Comment 31 Tomas Henzl In fact, you could extract the source tarballs from the source RPMs by using rpm2cpio. So it does look like the multipath.