I haven’t installed SP3 yet, but it’s good to know I can come back to this page in case I need further help. I would deeply appreciate any help. Windows Media Player 11 must also still be downloaded separately. Activity may be recorded even if you disable it Most Internet users still prefer weak passwords over secure ones CCleaner 5. I never got a warning message that automatic updates were failing even though they were.

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Other people are reporting that the computer is complaining that a particular file is corrupted. If you managed to install Ubuntu, here is a workaround to boot it sucessfully: I got it working after the vga trick above, but am unable to get networking to work. I’m afraid it’s going to come back and bite me. Once Ubuntu has loaded, open a terminal window Applications. xpp

I have now managed to get the network to run. I figured the 8. I was able to restore the Disk Image I created prior to the install, but it still wasted a couple hours.

I then went to the last line that said quiet and deleted it then hit cawper to boot and it went into KDE just fine. Any and all software requires improvements. I have an error message saying lsass. Btw I have installed ubuntu 8. If you boot from the recovery disk you have to figure out which one is the current to modify the proper one. I guess we have som work ahead of us. Less thrilling than Christmas, now that reality brings us back to Earth! Paul said on May 12, at I’m still trying to figure out how, in an org Microsoft’s size, that something as significant as XP SP3 managed to pass QA without a show-stopping bug of this magnitude being caught.


Windows XP SP3 official release delayed, but download still available

System Restore doing it’s thing right now. I have a fair number of installed tools, such as wireshark. I knew I should have written the damn file down, sorry. Bill Castner, who is rapidly becoming my new hero, also posted a solid work-around for Media Center problems over in the AumHa forums.

Official Windows XP Service Pack 3 Download Links – gHacks Tech News

An interesting thread on Symantec’s support forums documents some of the problems. Running Vista 64 bit with Radeon HD card.

I have also installed SP3 and the computer has been perfect since the installation last Thursday. The people that have seen it seem to all have custom built AMD computers. Any insight would be appreciated if you have the time. The disk is compatible with all Acer series and models:. There are always hacks required to get through the installation, but once installed your Linux machine should work fine. If you have any of the following And also now when I goto open with to set my prefs for video player to view a file it opens notepad rather than the program I select.


I will report the results and inform you if I find something suspicious. They’ve got us doing all the work.

Otherwise I would have been completely lost!! It was saying something about there being no ControlSet and that my registry may be corrupted. That will set you back a bit, require you to install new updates and software, but you can at least access your data that way.