Any hints or suggestions or maybe a copy of opening zip files for dummies?? What should I do to enable it to find the file. Thank you very much Braco Covic Split – Croatia. The trademarks used on our website are used solely for the description of products. Manufacturer not on the list? Applies to products in stock only.

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Click here for additional manufacturers. Large selection Laser Toner, Ink Cartridges and other printer accessories.

Was just about to follow the instructions to install the firmware when fear and uncertainty struck me Gross prices include VAT plus shipping and are printed in bold. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on a Mac or if its operator error.

Printer List (Laser & Inkjet) of CalComp Products

The file extensions will need to be renumbered as follows. Does anybody have the Firmware for the Techjet ? I have a with on the screen ‘manual’ ‘unloaded roll media’ and when i try to feed the paper the feeding drum did not turn to feed the paper, you have an idea how to feed the paper or change the manual mode probably to automatic?


Bonjour, I am looking for a ruban encoder the long clear tape for transverse motor control for a A0 techjet calcomp plotter inkjet. Sorry, I do not have the firmware for a These messages are repeated three times. I don’t understand how they need to be renumbered. Would I have to tap in a different command at the DOS prompt instead of the Thanks for the input Calcimp Why not use our practical Contact Form.

Please sign in to comment. When Calcomp went out of 53324, 2 companies bought out the remaining parts inventory for the series and other Calcomp printers.

Calcomp Techjet | FixYourOwnPrinter

The firmware files are located in the Plotter and Printer D-size or larger Files and Drivers directory. Yes the files is really reverse because the last file is 12 and the first one is the techjet My printer don’t find the edge of the tecchjet.

Could someone please post the whole file inone. You can buy a board that has a printer port to plug the plotter into. There are unfortunately no products available for this device.


Same day dispatch for orders of in stock calcop received by 5: To be able to access and use every feature of TonerPartner. Keep in mind that some users of Calcomp 55XX printers have been able to use Oce print drivers because the 2 printers use the same print engine.

So far I have found Firmware for theand but not the series TechjetI have searched and found nada!

Calcomp TechJet Printer InkJet Cartridges

I wipe it with solvent and all marks are gone, yes I should have think twice!!! Need this to fix the paper sencer.

The plotter will display “Awaiting download file”. They do very little if any CalComp service anymore. The following 2 companies have the best and only Calcomp parts stock that I am aware of. When you say renumber ALL filesdo you mean to reverse the order totaly?

If you order by 5: