If you put any Media paper, envelope and so on in the manual feed slot before the machine is in the Ready mode, the media may be ejected without being printed on. Once the machine has grasped the sheet of labels or envelope, let go. How does the information on this page help you? When the face-up output tray is pulled down, the machine has a straight paper path from the manual feed slot through to the back of the machine. This website is using cookies.

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Print the Network Configuration List. | Brother

Find the Wireless Security Information e. It may cause serious jams and the damage to your Brother machine. If it is not, it may not be fed properly, resulting in a skewed printout or a paper jam.

Recently, when I print a document from the manual feed slot, my Brother machine is taking more time than usual to start feeding paper. Use this paper feed and output method when you want to print on labels or envelopes. When you use Envelope 10, choose ” Com ” in Paper Size. The printer cannot print full pages of a document.


How can I reduce the time it takes to start feeding paper? Envelope joints that are sealed by the manufacturer should be secure. For example, the right or left hand portion of the page is blank or it prints on a separate piece of paper.

Print on labels and envelopes from the manual feed slot. If envelopes get smudged during printing set the Media Type to ” Thick Paper ” or ” Thicker Paper ” to increase the fixing temperature. Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. By continuing to browse you are accepting our Privacy Policy. If you put envelope in the manual feed slot before the printer is in the Ready state, the envelope may be ejected without being printed on.

Remove each sheet of labels prit envelope as soon as it has been printed. Put one full sheet of labels or one envelope into the manual feed slot with the ho-2170w to be printed face up.

For the recommended paper to use, please refer to the FAQ, “What is the recommended paper? The error message “Invalid format for short nick name” appears when printing a rpint. If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: The Error LED on the control panel will flash to indicate No paper in the manual feed slot until you put an envelope in the manual feed slot.


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Make sure that the full sheet of labels or the envelope is straight and in the proper position on the manual feed slot. DO NOT insert brotber that have previously been used or that have some labels missing from the sheet. Once the machine has grasped the sheet of labels or envelope, let go.

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Please locate the file, occurs during installation. The installation states a file is missing. Go to the Manuals section.

Related FAQs What is the recommended paper? Go to the Manuals section. Very helpful Helpful Not helpful.

The machine will hold the sheet or envelope in place until the print data is sent to the machine. Find out more Accept. What kind of paper can I use? Please note this form is used for feedback only.