A single envelope will feed 5. Pull up on the lock lever to secure the wireframe in Slide Lock Lever against the rear wall. Right click the Pitney Bowes icon, then left click the The Properties window opens and displays seven tabs, each of which allows access to different printer options. Chapter DA Basics In this chapter you’ll learn about key features of the DA printer and how to adjust it to meet the requirements of your print jobs. Page 32 Use the control panel buttons to access printer menus, define print options, run the print job, posi- tion the print carriage and turn the printer on and off line. Properties from Windows print dialog box.

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Media Thickness Lever Print a test piece page with the lever in the middle position. Use the buttons on the bowed panel to get to the printer menus, define the print options, run a print job, Control Panel position the print carriage and turn the printer on line and off line.

How to install printer drivers for the DA300, DA400, and more

Connect The Printer Cable 2. Adjust the H-Blocks to the thickness of the material you’re running see page Install The Sliding Fence Slide the square edge of the sliding fence into the slots on the frame slide as shown below.


A good setup minimizes misfeeds and jams. Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Downloads: Click “Start” in the task bar. Then, press and hold the Menu button for four seconds to display the Setup Menu.

Transmitting data from the computer to the DA is bowse way of the parallel interface or the serial interface. Size The font size can range from 4 pt to 30 pt. Print a Test Piece When you need to remove or replace the ink jet cartridge, follow these steps: Use the Location area to specify where the printer resides. Open the back cover of the printer. Press the Enter button to select the options you 5.

PitneyBowes DA W Drivers Download – Update PitneyBowes Software

Page 44 This chapter has instructions for installing and using the DA printer driver from a computer. Also, go to our website at www.

It is also useful to determine if your printer requires an upgrade. The first 16 characters of the first line of the address will be dis- played on the LCD. The Print dialog box 3. From the File menu, select Print. Page 57 Bowed and Printing Options Using the Spooling is the process of storing the document on the Printer hard disk and then sending it to the printer.

Pitney Bowes DA AddressRight Envelope Printer With Ink USB Cable Manual | eBay

Name The printer has five internal fonts: Page 72 Memory Card Error The card was removed while the printer was reading it. Install the ink jet cartridge pages Using the Control Panel Using the The name of the installed driver displays in the “Driver” area.


We talk about daa300 in the next chapter. Recommended Usage Pitney Bowes has tested this machine under many different conditions and recommends that you do not exceed the usage levels specified below: Press the Cartridge key on the control panel. Please Turning the 7. Use this feature to check the integrity of your data.

Pitney Bowes ADDRESSRIGHT DA300 User Manual

Use the control panel buttons to access printer menus, define print options, run the print job, posi- tion the print carriage and turn the printer on and off line. News Blog Facebook Twitter Newsletter. The information provided here is for those of our customers who are technically inclined. He is a lifelong computer obwes and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology.