If available — may vary by modem version. No alarm output with alarm event. No Enable keypress acknowledgement tone. Blank – or Enabled E This parameter allows the user with this authority level to change the display bright display, dim display, time display in the area to which this keypad is assigned. Yes or No This parameter activates the Trouble Tone if the phone line fails. To program a group, you first choose a Route.

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This parameter allows a user with this authority level to start an invisible walk test for all hour interior and exterior controlled points in the area to which this keypad is Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

The panel sends an Hold-up alarm report in modem and contact ID. Also, points which have not been cleared at the keypad will report as off-normal.

Yes Enable the Tamper Switch. When only one destination is programmed, it will make 10 attempts.

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Blank – or Enabled E When local authorization is required, only a security user with the Firmware Update authority enabled can authorize the update.

Send opening and closing reports to the central station bowch when they occur inside a programmed window. If enabled, the following disarming choices are available to the user with this authority.


Pulse the alarm output for the last 10 sec of Entry Delay No: Disable the custom function panel wide. The user must have the appropriate authority level enabled for the Custom Function in the User Interface section, to be capable of using the custom function.

Blank – or Enabled E Allow a user with this authority level to generate opening and closing reports if the area to which this authority level is assigned sends opening and closing reports. Access Granted Modm This function is not available as a keypad shortcut function and determines whether access granted events are saved in the control panels event log.

The output remains active until all fire supervisory conditions have been acknowledged, returned to normal, and removed from the keypad display.

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See Duress Type an explanation of Duress. Yes, No Low battery power.

Contents 1 Networking Basics Activate the custom function assigned to the door in this area when the area is All On or Part On. Read the selection descriptions carefully to determine the desired action for this parameter and avoid improperly Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

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This is dependent upon Area Type and Scope. Use Extend Close to lengthen an active rearm delay.

You must reboot the control panel after enabling a D Series Keypad. The user can also initiate remote handshaking at the control panel keypad with MENU 34, but it must be done within a few moments after the modem dials the control panel. Use the following output numbers to toggle the mkdem outputs: These points are used for supervising the Zonex 1 bus Point and Zonex 2 bus Point When Output Source is set to Zonex and there is no connection to an octo-output module, the output and bocsh point with the same number are virtually connected.


Enter up to 32 characters of text. Entry and exit delays are provided with this arming function. The log in the panel can store events in the panel log.

To program a group, you first choose a Route. Dials the programmed phone number s using DTMF. Reports panic alarm restoral. If any point is faulted when the function executes, it is force armed regardless of the A Force Arm Xecurcomm Max setting. Bocsh is not related to the Restart Time used for smoke detectors. If a passcode is identified as unusable length is under or over the value entered in this parameterit is marked in bold blue.