The Probes are functionally compatible with Tibbits 29 , 30 , 28 , and 27 respectively. Sample video that can be decoded with hardware acceleration: Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. Samsung Galaxy Tab How to save system logs from within Android: Are you a developer?

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[PATCH] iio: light: add support for ROHM BH1710/BH1715/BH1721/BH1750/BH1751 ambient light sensors

This not meant for regular use. Add feature to new kernel. CP 02 ambient temperature and humidity sensor: Views Read View source View history. Only the B1 firmware will work on this device. There is a B2 revision which is linus more common. Retrieved from ” https: Other drivers are not in the mainline kernel or the device is not compatible with the mainline driver. Only the kernel is different.

Some peripherals which are not working on or don’t have mainline drivers are using drivers forward ported from the stock 3. Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 21 1 2 3 11 Last.


Headset f9b34fb Modalias: Android Apps and Games. Hi, this is the log, I’m not sure whether I’ve done everything correctly.

bhfvc.c in sc02c_kernel_ics | source code search engine

Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. I will not maintain this kernel for regular use. Share the files on Google Drive or another similar service.

Unofficial TWRPs for devices without source code. CP 01 ambient temperature sensor: The Probes are functionally compatible with Tibbits 293028and 27 respectively. Save and upload the system logs from your device so that I can see what happening on your device. The xmm modem was used in quite a few Samsung Android devices from the same era bh11721fvc this tablet. A tear down of the nearly identical Galaxy Tab 8.

It is the same ROM. bg1721fvc

The Linux mainlining effort contains drivers forward ported from the stock Samsung Linux 3. How to save system logs from within Android: Some peripherals are using mainline device driver where applicable.


In contrast, Cable Probes 03 and 04 can be easily mounted in the desired place and orientation. The Probes come with a cm cable and are available with and without mounting ears.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ (samsung-p4wifi)

System was booting fine with 3. Available Probes CP Can I flash this rom on over the existing version? Would it be possible to add in the kernel the neccessary things for pelya usb keyboard. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

Compared to their Tibbit counterparts, Cable Probes offer several advantages: The downstream charger driver implements additional logic to handle charge full and low b1721fvc events which may affect the health of the battery.