I have a Lenovo Ideapad , the digital output and headphone out share the same socket , I use a mini-toslink adaptor and toslink cable for digital output. One day their will be a better OS, but I don’t see myself swapping to a MAC since they have so many free-market product limitations. But today I just noticed that it does have digital audio output from windows control panel as shown in the attached screenshot. I haven’t used the optical output, but it’s nice to know the option is there. I have purchased other Behringer products in the past and they work very well and have an excellent lifespan and no unexpected problems. I haven’t used it to record music onto my laptop, since that isn’t something I need at the moment.

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I really like this DAC. It is small, extremely easy to setup, and is a breeze to use.

Behringer UCA Take 2. The stereo headphone output with dedicated level control allows for monitoring both input and output.

Vista ASIO support for Behringer UCA202

I needed a stereo line level interface that worked with RightMark Audio Analyzer and a few other measurement programs that Bdhringer had, and that I could tuck out of the way rather than haul out a rack mount box. Works perfectly, sounds great My studio laptop didn’t have a line-in input and even when I have had the option of using sound card line-level inputs for recording in the past, I’ve always been disappointed in the fidelity.


The headphone jack audio quality was abysmal so I bought the Behringer UCA to bypass the laptop soundcard and the resultant sound quality is much better. Works Well We use the Behringer at our church to interface the audio out of our sound board going to a laptop in order to record our services. Post 2 of 5.


It does the job well, without hassle and at the right price point. Nice long USB cable.

Behringer UCA202 and Vista 64 bits?

The tape I was trying to convert, being out of print was available as a CD for a price two to four times the price of the UCA I’ve seen it cheaper at times. This USB interface is an excellent low-cost way for connecting the turntable to the computer. Something to note is the driver behtinger installed will automatically associate only to the USB port you have the UCA plugged into at the time you install the driver at least for Vista and maybe others.

It’s compact in size, and performs exactly as advertised.

I love the few products of theirs that I have purchased – including a mixing board. USB turntables are popular among folks who want to digitize vinyl, but if you already have a turntable and receiver with a phono preamp or pick one up at a yard salethe UCA is a good alternative.

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Select your rating 5. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The interchannel crosstalk could be a little better, but it’s fine for stereo recording or transferring vinyl records which have even more crosstalk. Cannot even comment on Behringer’s customer service, because I’ve never had trouble with their products functionality.


My friend is using Spin It Again and it works just fine. Windows XP I don’t have any Vista machines recognized it, set up a driver, brhringer that was it.

Given what I was measuring, I didn’t need ultra low noise or distortion. Just be aware of the compatibility issue, which is of no fault of Behringer, but is all part of Microsoft’s endless schemes to get every dollar they can from the customer and the product designers.

Behringer UCA USB/Audio Interface UCA B&H Photo Video

Cannot use with Vista Home Premium! It pays for itself in the first hour of use. I checked its user guide and tech spec but it did not mention anything about digital audio output. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, without any fuss whatsoever. My laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad T Our government failed us once again when the people rose to the occasion to sue Microsoft for being a monopoly.

I think it was a bug in the software but what do you expect from free software. This is NOT the first product that I have had this problem with on this Operating System by Microsoft – I had to return a software music mixer for the same incompatibility reason Thank you for understanding.