Rotating the knob will affect the master volume control in Windows, while pressing it will mute the sound. The front tab of the Audio Center, showing a few of the capabilities of the unit. The sound quality from the card was clear and crisp during our tests, for the most part, using Sennheiser MX90 ear buds, and a little louder than the sound from the standard audio chips in our test notebooks. Cons Its USB and microphone cables are too short, no visual volume indicator, microphone produced a lot of echo, some distortion was evident during low frequencies. I’ve seen too many USB devices come with flimsy bases that do not hold the product firmly in place. The Array Mic has a secondary function:

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The microphone is an interesting piece of technology by itself: However, if the sound from an older computer is below average, or you want a little more than stereo sound, then xonxr ASUS Xonar U1 is an enticing choice.

View our privacy policy before signing up. While the Xonar U1 module is a plug and play device that requires no additional drivers to operate, the unit also comes with a mixer utility called the Xonar U1 Audio Center that installs into the Windows program bar whenever you plug in the module.

ASUS Xonar D2 Sound Card and U1 USB Audio Station Reviews

A comment on the Dolby Headphone feature and music: New products have literally blown away previous standards and a few new companies have joined the current line up of manufacturing heavy weights. Home Reviews News Forums.

Simplicity itself is the idea behind the U1 and it looks like it has the hardware potential to back it up. One nice and unexpected addition to the U1 bundle is vertical array microphone.


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Right now, the volume knob has an unlimited spin; the minimum and maximum settings correspond roughly to the position of the top-mounted LED around the outer circumference between the headphone and microphone ports. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

You’re awesome for doing it! The U1 is also a very quick and efficient upgrade for the Windows Vista user by offering hardware accelerated sound quality back to the Vista gamer. I need power and lots of it. It’s important to note that when this card is plugged into a notebook, the notebook’s built-in speakers can’t be used. Sharing xonad Caring Help spread the word. Surround sound is particularly important in movies, where filmmakers xoonar surround mixes to make the viewer feel like a part of the action.

But, we did notice some distortion at lower frequencies when running the card on the old Thinkpad notebook.

Razer Introduces Nommo Speaker Line. This audio device is clearly aimed at the discerning audio enthusiast who would like to add modern audio technologies to their PC laptop or HTPC.

Xonar U1 | ASUS

The ksb unit comes in six colors, and looks like a drone from Star Wars. April 26, Feniks Essence Speakers Review Read More Available through a Kickstarter initiative, the upcoming Feniks Essence speakers may not be from a large manufacturer donar they are among the best we’ve heard The front tab of the Audio Center, showing a few of the capabilities of the unit.


Photos of this device really don’t do it justice.

Yet, they have never made audio devices up until recently with the release of the Xonar. I’ve seen too many USB devices come with flimsy bases that do not hold the product firmly in place.

Is Topre Realforce the Realthing? The Array Mic has a secondary function: This makes the Xonar an ideal upgrade for old notebooks and PCs, especially since it doesn’t require users to venture under the hood of their PCs. Membership is free, and your security and privacy remain protected. Attractive, portable, and easy to use, with clean sound xonae, DSP processors that add new dimensions to the music, and surround sound that makes any pair of headphones into a capable home theater system, the Xonar U1 is an excellent product.

As a result, I am confident that the the sound card could easily earn its keep feeding important sonic information to a hardcore gamer.

Unfortunately, those of us that have begun to use Vista know that many sound options were lost with our upgrade. The base of the U1 Audio Station has a thick rubber usbb that secures it to almost any surface.

Feniks Essence Speakers Review.