Press and hold the FEED button while turning on the power. The adjusting steps are as follows: Lead the media through the print head module and under the paper sensor guide. Unless changed via panel or command the parameter is saved even if you restart the printer. Buttons There are three buttons, each with two basic functions. Even though the “Add Printer Wizard” is from Microsoft, it too easily performs a number of tasks incorrectly when updating existing drivers.

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If the test print appears as Figure B, remain the screw at the left of Ribbon Bracket fixed, and then loose the screw at the right, and gradually fine-tune upward, until the print quality gets improved. Making a Keyboard Form 1. Warranty of print heads will be void if print head serial number is removed, altered, defected, or made illegible, under every circumstance.

To print label the head latch must be closed.

Button x 3 Feed Config. Then select proper settings via Seagull Driver for printer.

Check whether you have received the following accessories together with the printer. Attach the edge of the ribbon onto the bare core and wind it a bit onto the core.


Seagull Argox X-2000v PPLB Free Driver Download (Official)

Check for any traces of black coloring or adhesive on the cotton after cleaning. The manual includes a guide srgox operate the printer as well as related information on troubleshooting, maintenance, and technical reference.

X series printers use ribbon wound ink-side in as default. Symbol Sets Code Pages Courier font symbol set: Peel-off mode peels backing material away from the label as it prints. Remove the top cover on both left and right sides. Lead the ribbon through the print head module.

Unless changed via panel or command the parameter is saved even if you restart the printer.

Argox X |

Insert the core onto the ribbon pick-up spindle. Close the peeler module using the peel-off mechanism release lever. It also badly handles the situation where a printer driver is already in use by a Windows application.

In Dump mode, all characters will be printed in 2 columns: Tear Bracket screw 87 5. Off — direct thermal mode with no ribbon installed.

Argox X Industrial Label Printer.

During turning the Cam of cutter, release the blade from paper and them remove the paper from the cutter. Insert the ribbon roll onto the ribbon supply spindle. Such proprietary information may not be used, reproduced, or disclosed to any other parties for any other purpose without the expressed written permission of Argox Information Co. Programmable by command Data format: Centronics 2000v a much higher communication speed than serial. Make sure media is loaded and media sensor locates under media.


Print a test page to check print quality.

Inspect the outside of both the box and the printer for 5 possible damage. Find a Phillips screwdriver to lay down the blade by turning the screw counter-clockwise. Load new ribbon to the printer. Delete by application software for those no longer in use.

Any changes or modifications not aggox approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

Loose the screws at both sides and rotate counter-clockwise: If damage has occurred, contact your shipping company immediately to file a claim. For labels with gaps, label sensor can be positioned wherever media locates.