Tue Aug 05, 5: Mon Aug 04, Lets you share printer on ethernet, that way you don’t have to use personal print sharing on the LC III. The StyleWriter was the first of Apple’s line of inkjet serial printers, targeted mainly towards consumers. Dec 22, Posts: The Silentype was a thermal printer , which used a special paper and provided 80 column output.

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Tue Aug 05, I don’t remember which printer it was could have been the NT!

Archived from the original on 14 August They produced print quality that was better than the dot matrix ImageWritersand laserwritef cheaper than the LaserWriters. Ethernet card in the IIci. Sanook Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: This page was last edited on 21 Marchat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Originally posted by Zebadiah: Retrieved August 14, It was one of the first laser printers available to the mass market. Lets lazerwriter share printer on ethernet, that way you don’t have to use personal print sharing on the LC III.


Apple Personal Laserwriter. possible to still make work? – Ars Technica OpenForum

Retrieved March 6, Use Google to find it. LocalTalk option, EtherTalk option [51]. Mar 15, Posts: Try the cleaning page first.

May 23, Posts: Now compare again with the el-cheapo ink-jet And yes, it will connect to a windows machine. Tue Aug 05, 4: After many blinking lights and much frustration, I actually found an Apple TIL article that said, personwl effect, “the serial port never really worked all that well; use Ethernet for printing from a PC.

Personal LaserWriter NT:Technical Specifications

Jun 13, Posts: Jun 11, Posts: Be happy you don’t have the Personal Laserwriter SC from roughly the same era. Oct 10, Posts: Do you have the print driver that came with the printer?

I imagine SCSI would print quite a bit faster than through the serial port though, assuming you had working drivers. And WRT using a larger hard drive, that’s one thing I’ve personally done.


Retrieved August 27, Maarten is correct about the System software, lqserwriter PL first came out circa Sys 6, and required a Truetype font extension, which was folded into Sys 7. If Apple came up with a based IIci today, I dare-say it would sell much better than the Cube ever did.

Personal LaserWriter NT | Low End Mac

Laserwritee use the Appletalk port for interfacing with my older Macs. Fortunately I was given mine for free, and I am in the progress of upgrading it.

I wouldn’t use 6. Wed Aug 06, 3: Offers graphics [4] [6] [7]. Can drive a 20 inch external monitor if you can still find one of the cards for it.