Worked for me Amilo Li on intrepid. When i try to browse to a webpage i get page cannot be displayed. I have tried a wired and wireless network setup but still nothing works, as it comes up with a message saying the router could not be recognised. I’m working on the Amilo , Does this guide differ in any way? I had previously tried reinstalling the Power Manager and and also adding the script advised above into a vbs file WisWBSet. Looked for the Power Manager, but none for our model. The keyboard shortcut keys don’t work.

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You can make a floppy disk not sure how ;a3515 use it without a floppy disk drive, unless you have a usb one of course. For this one, I had the following: It will allow additional upstream developers to examine this issue. I have got the same problem of enabling WiFi adapter on my Fujitsu siemens laptop it has no sign of wifi button on the key board. And this worked a treat. Download full text amio. Once again, please accept my apologies for the lack of response on my part on the various issues people are reporting here.

I hope someone would be able to sort them out for me. What pa3551 the solution to this? Andreas Peer andipeer wrote on USB disconnect, address 3 Nov 12 I’ve just installed Wireless on a Fujitsu Siemens Li notebook. Laura, There are many, many possibilities pw3515 to why you might not be able to connect to the Internet on your friends laptop or any laptop for that matterfor too many for me to attempt to diagnose remotely.


When I do a diagnosic of the network on the laptop it brings up a window telling me to turn on wireless.

Also I run Ubuntu 9. It wouldnt be a bad guess that they may have done this across the range. Thanx James for ur quick response. Im sure its something simple but its just not coming to me.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Again, this is in no way a fix but it at least is a semi-acceptable workaround. Tried pressing Fn with almost everything and got nowhere. Her wireless light is on but is red. The keyboard shortcut keys don’t work. Margate margate on I have a few keys where the most important is Fn-F1 wireless there don’t work Doing research on my wifi I found out that I can’t turn wifi on with Fn-F1. I think this is useless anyway.

As I mentioned before, I no longer have access to an Amilo laptop as the person who originally encountered this problem is now living abroad.


Fujitsu Amilo Pa3515

Yet there appear numerous wirless devices, dont know which to select from them. Sometimes I’m using wired connection.

As your wlan is likely to be one of these, I’m reassinging to hal-info for now, as this is usually solved by adding HAL quirks for your laptop. I know the wireless is working as i am connected to it now, writing this message. I am still having the same issue on the fujitsu, i cannot browse to any webpage i have tried, such as google, bbc, msn etc.

Fujitsu Amilo Pa [Laptop Specifications Central]

Could you please attach the output of “lshal” to this bug report, and also do the following:. I tried to install the driver manually by browsing to it from the Add new hardware wizard, and I selected the ini file of the driver provided by FS.

I did it on my friends laptop and it worked.