Check this before asking questions. Then you might want to install the non-OSE version. You can get that by using the following: I’ve not tried out the other “virtual” adapters listed in that drop down yet, so I’ll switch those around till Windows plays friendly with one. The situation is that the Windows NT guest can connect to the Mac host, and to shares on other computers, but not to shares on the host. It can access the web server on the host at all three IP addresses. The Windows XP guest can access shares both ways.

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This is necessary because VirtualBox does not support the provided share folder feature. Virtual networking hardware For each card, you can individually select what kind virtualbxo hardware will be presented to the virtual machine. Note added in edit: Windows NT doesn’t have VirtualBox shared folders. I have solve the issue.

It really worked for me as well. There have been a lot of early users of W10 that have complained about the network stack with certain versions of W10 so I would suspect that you need to make sure that it is not your issue. That’s life in the cybersphere.


Anyone know where I can find a driver that I can take into XP and install so this device will work? Actually the problem came up before Mac OS X Is it somewhere buried in the vmware distrib and I could get it off that?

The Windows XP guest can access shares both ways. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. This is quite Frustrating!

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No networking in guest XP after upgrade to 1. One last thing – I cannot see any information on improvements in this area in the new VirtualBox 5 Release Candidate.

A must read if you want to know what we’re talking about. As briefly mentioned in Section 3.

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I was hoping that installing vmtools would automatically create the virtual PCnet ethernet adapter. VirtualBox can virtualize the following six types of networking hardware: After you import a Windows NT4 virtual machine, install a new virtual.

Please enter a title. My apologies if the setup is completely different for windows: If you have an issue with the network after you make sure to use the right one you need to figure out if the issue is with the guest. Isn’t it time that VirtualBox updated it’s selection of Interfaces to something current, perhaps even including support for higher speed network interfaces.


Attempts to manually install the correct driver from those supplied with Win10 fail because there is no such Driver. I know, you can get a gigbit connection speed over that 10 Mbit NIC.

Users browsing this forum: Try searching the forums first with Google and add the site filter for this forum. PCI Ethernet Controller, in details say it is not installed but i cant install it anyway. I have not had any problems with any of the Win 10 preview builds on this machine, or with the default adapter in Windows 10 as a vm.

At the checking the adapter driver in the C: If networking was disabled at the time you installed Windows NT, you can enable it after installing the operating system. These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. It can access the web server on the host virutalbox all three IP addresses.

Shut down Windows NT and power off the virtual machine.