I’ve got to say, personally I’m not a fan of downloading drivers from random 3d party websites. Thanks RoyalKing, I’ll send them an email now. I couldn’t make it work with their first link, so I’ll try cinemaniarotas drivers when I get the chance. Which is the kind of utility I don’t trust on general principle. Omelo 0 on

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Omelo 1 0 on I’m not either, but it looks like you won’t get any official drivers from Club 3D, you actually can’t even find Agrippa on their page anymore Omelo 0 on In the mean time I’m just going to activate the Realtek stuff on my motherboard.

Which is the kind of utility I don’t argippa on general principle. RoyalKing 1 1 on Omelo 0 0 on Wieke Kanters 0 0 on Orecyrht 0 0 on Wieke Kanters 0 on And I can’t seem to find them on the club3d website, even though it is their hardware.

Club 3D Theatron Agrippa DTS Sound Card

By the way, someone in a spanish forum said that the spdif output doesn’t work, but I don’t have the possibility of checking if it’s true. I wgrippa make it work with their first link, so I’ll try cinemaniarotas drivers when I get the chance. Quick update; there will be no official Windows 10 driver for the Theatron soundcards unfortunately.


So I just installed windows 10 and I’m agrpipa to get everything working. There is a solution however with this workaround: The digital integration of a multimedia PC or HTPC with a home cinema system, as already known from other Club 3D soundcards, is one of the main reasons for offering this product.

The soundcard is build with selected high-end components for excellent sound. Upload an Image No file chosen.

Club 3D vendor for graphic cards and multimedia products expands their successful range of soundcard products. Type your email and we’ll send you a link to retrieve it. Then came the HDA Mystique, a standalone card capable of doing the same thing though I hear not quite as well.

I have the same agrpipa, I really love that sound card, so it would be perfect if we could get Windows 10 drivers.

Unfortunately NVIDIA ceased partnership with the makers of the soundstorm audio solution for motherboards, such a shame. MST, Omelo, don’t mention it.


Our team is looking for a solution but so far has no way to make it work. Anyone can confirm it?

Theatron Agrippa Windows 10 Drivers

Yeah the first link looks to me link some kind of generic 3d party driver update utility. It will also handle Dolby Digital encoding as well.

For further information about the card, you can read up on the press release here folks.

Enjoy your games and all other content with real-time encoding in multichannel sound Dolby Digital 7. Figured it’s due to windows not being able to find any drivers for my theatron agrippa sound card device manager lists some unknown multimedia audio device and I should just install one manually.

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