The overclocking possibilities seems to be as good as on the other boards, as you soon are to see. Hardware Setup Power off the computer and unplug the AC power cord before installing or removing memory modules. Shame on you who have such a board and run it at stock clock. Just as we had expected. Layout Diagram is7-v2 Install Vga Driver is7-m Beefy water blocks that mount without the plastic cage can possibly cause troubles, but users that utilize such a cooling are often knowledgeable enough to correct the problem.

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Table Of Contents Chapter 1. To connect or disconnect the connector is thus a messy business, not the least in a well-filled chassis. Below, close up to the edge, the S-ATA connectors themselves are found.

Abit IS7-G iPE Motherboard Review –

What else can you say but phenomenal ABIT. This is something the majority of consumers does not utilize.

Over to the IS7. The accessibility is almost fabulously good though. It is of course possible that too aggressive settings might lead to instability, specially when using memory chips of lower quality but we did not encounter any problem at all during our tests.


Abit IS7-V2 Manuals

Coupled with a 2. The only reason why we did not go higher is because of the CPU and the cooling.

The two Canterwood boards take home the memory tests as could be expected but the margins between the two are really slim. Hardware Setup Before the Installation: The fastest timings are and the slowest are The compression of the file is highly influenced by the memory bandwidth and the frequency.

Especially these cheaper boards are very interesting since the marginal is very low.

MP3 encodning Fraunhofer II codec. How can I get a quick response to my request for technical support?

How does it audko if we look at similar offers from other manufacturers? Hardware Setup 8. This option enables or Power Management Setup Differences in this effective frequency can tilt the test scores a tad since a variance in the end effects the actual speed of the whole process.

If you feel a need for extra features you just add some money and buy a IS7-G.


Finally, the AGP voltage can be raised to 1. Up to this point, that is. ABIT never stops to surprise.


Install System Memory We id7-g getting pretty tired of criticizing this. Copyright and Warranty Notice The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent It is actually rather easy to find mainboards with the same functions and features for a lower price.

This item selects the duplex mode required by the IR device connected to I-2 Appendix I 6. They are a great source of information and many people there can offer help This item sets the optimal timings for the ausio four Onboard Pci Device H-2 Appendix H 5.