All times are GMT Currently, Setup will load support for the following mass storage device s: Beedub on November 24, , These are the options and their settings: Before posting on our computer help forum, you must register. Charlie Tame, Nov 14,

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My BIOS looks just a7v88x-la the first screenshot on the first link that you posted just with different things in the boxes. My board has 3.

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They don’t get “incorporated ” into the BIOS I right clicked and looked at the hardware area of the information and it is not there either. After some deliberation I decided to buy the adapter cables and go that route. Before posting on our computer help forum, you must register. I connected, booted, sighed, cried, moaned, and groaned as I looked in the bios for some indication that there was some way to turn on or enable the sata drives.

Okay, I am home and back to work Thank you for taking the time to try to help me. I can’t get them to integrate into my BIOS. I have two GB SATA drives on sale at Best Buy and since there does not seem to be any chance to install them inside the computer, I have ordered two enclosures to put the drives in and a pci card to accomodate the Ssta configuation.


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Activate SATA connectors on A7V8X-LA motherboard – HP Support Community –

So the fact that there two connectors for SATA I do not know and the people at HP where I have sent an email and has not yet answered, but I bet they don’t know either.

Beedub Topic Starter Posts 91 Percent: I have downloaded the drivers from the MB website. Check your manual, if I remember correctly, your mobo only supports sata1 If as U say U have purchaced a7v8d-la new satta, it will be SataII, unless you specified a sataI harddrive. I have not yet been brave enough to try it though.

How do I update the bios swta being able to get to DOS? Beedub on November 25, I took out one of the pokey front things that had all of the camera and audio connections and put in a floppy disk that I had kept from an old computer.

Can Sata HDDs be used on an A7V8X-LA? – – An Overclocking Community

December 14th, I will kick myself if I have lost a week all becuase I wasn’t putting the files on the disk in the right manner.


Forum only search News: After that, you can post your question and our members will help you z7v8x-la. Is there some trick to writing this disk?

Disabled, Primary, Secondary, and Both. It’s not as easy as it seems There is a 60gb Western drive that they call Presario and I refer to wata the “system” drive.

Can Sata HDDs be used on an A7V8X-LA?

Maxtor and it’s max blast did not work at all, as far as formatting or identifying the drive. The book shows 3 slots for memory — I have 2. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong. These are the options and their settings: Before posting on our computer help forum, you must register.

I am going to sleep now because I have classes all day tomorrow and will not be able to work on this again until The motherboard has two places to plug in SATA drives.