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Edited by Sneakycyber, 06 July – I’ve seen some plane footage shot with the eDVR, and it looks great.

May 03, You can’t just go click-click on the Mode button to switch from still photo mode to video mode for instance. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Also, there’s only one quality setting; it’s Hi or it’s Lo, and that affects stills, audio and video all at once. Or with Direct Cap, the basic stream-video-to-disk application it comes with.

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5 In 1 Edvr Webcam Driver – Internal Hardware

AVICreate converted the same file in less than ten seconds. I’m not making the plane footage available for download, partly because the only place the eDVR could be strapped onto the plane in question left it looking through the propeller giving some interesting horizontal lines, and a storm of wind noise on the audio trackbut mainly because the original STJ file was deleted, after being converted into And it’s a USB memory stick, too. This, again, is something Edvf can do, without any loss of video quality.


It has Mb of non-expandable built in memory. One big problem with cheap baby-cams is that there’s no space in the budget for a 55 user interface.

Some items that i’m interested in would be: Using wdvr site is easy and fun. When it turns off and you power it up again, it’s once again set to Hi.

5 In 1 Edvr Webcam Driver

It’s cheap enough that you won’t weep if you auger in and lose it well, you might weep, but not for the camera in particularit’s feather-light, and five minutes of video is quite enough for a model aircraft to do some interesting stuff.

This camera hasn’t been used much maybe 10 timesand it is still brand new. In sunlight, the lag’s more like one second. Never mind the interface – feel the price! Low res, but sharp.

eDVR 5 in 1 USB spy camera camcorder airplane rc ST LAB $50 – RC Groups

FreeCache or no FreeCache, it’s not worth my server bandwidth for you to download that 30Mb video, and the Cursed Codec means there’s no way for me to turn it into something smaller and replace the audio track with Vivaldi without losing even more image quality. This is good; it means no quality loss. STJ, even if you move everything off the camera after file At first, I thought it was ni bit of a disaster.


I could keep on whinging about this issue, but I needn’t, because there’s a way around it. The “Mb” eDVR has, as is normal for storage devices, less real capacity than it says on the label.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The eDVR also has significant shutter lag. Audio clip performance is fine, and you can fit a whole bunch of sound into the built-in memory. It’s also scaling up the video.

Jul 29, This is very good. And it bulks the eDVR’s mono audio track up into meaningless 16 bit stereo, too.